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Agency office London List Recruitment City of London, Moorgate London Wall, EC2M 5QQ
Agency office
London List Recruitment
5th Floor Moorgate house, London Wall              City of London, EC2M 5QQ

LondonListRecruitment.co.uk is a directory for London Recruitment Agencies, we partner with recruitment agencies all over London and list their latest vacancies. the website also lists and connects the most active recruitment agencies in London. this Employment directory is dedicated to providing  the most recent recruitment opportunities to job-seekers in Greater London.

The agency encourages job hunters in London to first look within their local boroughs, you will be selected for the job if you are found to be local to the job area, for the long term there are higher chances of you getting a permanent position when the employer (not the Agency) is located in your Borough or a district within your borough.

Use the Agencies to let Employers get to know you.

Agencies can be a valuable source of work experience through temporary, vacation work or casual work, and are sometimes the only  place certain jobs are advertised. They are particularly widely used by certain industry sectors (and very rarely used by others). Some large companies outsource graduate recruitment to agencies and some may use agencies to pre-select their candidates.

London List Recruitment does not accept job applicants applying from outside the UK. we welcome Londoners to visit the Agency’s offices on the addresses Listed.

Borough of Southwark
London Bridge HR House
4 Southwark Street, SE1 1RQ

Contact us: jobs@londonlistrecruitment.co.uk

Employers and agencies looking to list a job posting in London List Recruitment please contact recruiter@londonlistrecruitment.co.uk


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City of London, Moorgate House London Wall, EC2M 5QQ.  Employers Contact:  recruit@londonlistrecruitment.co.uk