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Cash in Hand self-employed Courier - Parcel delivery on Bike

This is a Self-employed courier job opportunity allowing you to earn cash in hand ( you will be paid every 24 hours by Bank transfer ) delivering food parcels in London, this can be a very busy job for the Christmas if you have an electric bike you will make good money.. you must have a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or a car to do the job. Minimum wage is guaranteed, you can be earning up to £140 per a day.

Peyk is a 24/7 On-Demand courier service platform allowing Londoners to send anything within the town instantly! using the Pyker App to deliver items within London.
At this Covid 19 time, the Peyk delivery service is available for deliveries in London
Peyk has taken measures to create a safe environment for both users and Peykers thanks to a contact-free delivery service. We're actively working to provide an efficient and hygienic service under these particular conditions. Peykers (drivers) have been informed of the safety procedures to follow during deliveries. We are also in frequent communication with local authorities to and will keep you updated if the situation evolves.
About the job:
You will need to do this job on a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or a car to deliver food products across London, right now the busiest areas are in East London and West London, you will know more about the busiest areas on the Pyker app job requests map.

No need for pre-booked shifts! Simply accept requests wherever and whenever you are.
You need to use iOS or Android Pyker app to see the "job requests" in your area.
Peyk Courier can bring you Different challenges. Different missions. Lots of nice places to see and interesting customers to meet everyday.
The steps:
Submit Online Application
Have Your Document Checked
Download the Peyk company Mobile App
Start the delivery jobs from the app.
The induction centre is located in Cumberland House, Scrubs Lane
Hammersmith and Fulham.
the busiest areas are in West London; Queensway, Notting Hill, Shepherd's Bush.
and East London; Shoreditch, Plaistow, Stratford.

Job tag: Same day payment food delivery job for bike riders in East and West London.
Self employed couriers on electric bicycles deliver in London get paid quick/same day.


Good knowledge of London streets and local areas.

Experience riding a bicycle or a motor bike in the streets on London.

Physically fit and have a good costumer service communication skills.

You must be trustworthy person, you could be delivering valuable items.

Job Benefits

Cycling in London, Different challenges, Different missions, Lots of nice places and interesting people to meet everyday
Same day payments transferred directly to your bank account
You will be paid every 24 hours by bank transfer.
Be your own boss in working flexibly.
You can earn up to £140 per a day in busy places in East/West London
The best way you can earn more money on this job is to have an electric bicycle, on an electric bicycle, you will be fast, spending less and earning more.


Apply Online at Peyk Careers
To apply for this self-employed cash in hand courier job you need to visit the Peyk Courier Service induction centre in Hammersmith and Fulham, 80 Scrubs Lane, North West London, NW10 6RF
Before you visit the office please send an online application form to the Peyk Courier Service recruitment team.
Become a Bike courier with Peyk

Employment Type
Full-time, Part-time
Self-employed, Delivery
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80 Scrubs Lane,, Hammersmith and Fulham, London, NW10 6RF, United Kingdom
Base Salary
£14.00-£18.00 Per hour
Working Hours
Flexible Start any hour App based job
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